8 Conseils pour Apprendre du Vocabulaire

Ces 8 conseils vous simplifieront la vie pour apprendre du vocabulaire en français ou dans n'importe quelle langue ;-)✍️🎧 LA FICHE, L'EXERCICE, LE PODCAST ET LA TRANSCRIPTION : COURS GRATUIT POUR NIVEAU INTERMÉDIAIRE ET AVANCÉ :COURS GRATUIT POUR DÉBUTANTS COMPLETS :MES COURS PLUS COMPLETS :SUIS-NOUS SUR INSTAGRAM :SUIS-NOUS SUR FACEBOOK : Nous écouter sur ITUNES :Nous écouter sur SPOTIFYNous écouter sur SOUNDCLOUD :


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Stella Madsen

Wow, this girl has had a rough life.

Heaven Mck

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Julian Lares

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I was looking for that Scott Pilgrim one for so loooong! And I noticed that Danny DeVito one.

Mater McQueen

The official trailer is shorter than the teaser trailer 😰

Aydin Henry

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Caleb Cardona

hey i know pandas from dude decent


Amazing quality of production

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Howler Blue

2019? (they look so young)


@drahveson Oh I see...

Egija Ozola


Charli Chissus

10:17 SHE LOOKED LIKE MY COUSIN!! (Far right, woman that gave birth)

Daniel Andrade

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Vortex The Crusader


Bob Johnson

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GD Firelegend 96

They should have played FNAF help wanted

els weijde

Great video

Bubulu Naidoo


Adam Braus

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Jess Rice

The OBGYN looked uncomfortable for some reason! But I’m so curious how far along you are because I’m 10 weeks right now! I’m so happy for you guys! 😍😍👏🏼


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Can you only keep the bow on that map?

XxDragon xX

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Alvin Puaauli

How do u become those characgers in left 4 dead 2 ?

Phillip jan

You're editing is flawless. Most of those were hard to find even though you're showing it.

Giovanni Toews