#822 Death Sites and Graves of PAT GARRETT & JOHN WESLEY HARDIN - LEGENDARY GUNFIGHTERS (11/6/18) - YouTube

#822 The Death Sites & Graves of PAT GARRETT and JOHN WESLEY HARDIN - LEGENDARY GUNFIGHTERS - Daily Travel Vlog (11/6/18)CLICK TO DONATIONS: my code to get $25 off my Airbnb code and get $40 off your first adventure. I get $20! Here’s my invitation link: GROUP: Daze with Jordan the Lion(s)Amazon list link : dazewithjordanthelion@gmail.comIntro cartoon by: Jeff Block (youtube- Cre80s)

Isaiah Duran

How much does it cost for the rage monster

Jared Morrow


Oh hohoho

Latasha Hall

That was mean, but it's was very weird. Just love your adopted life

William Friedman

Did ty get Neymar as inspiration

Setup Games


Chris Teng

Why not Remake? Isn't the steam version already available in 2013? Will it be the kind of block character 20 years ago?

The Engineer

These dudes are nice

Kelly McGee

Honestly, I play softball and this is not accurate at all.

Random Hero

In the Gangstas in Space DLC there is a Smile Dog.jpg easter egg. In the first cutscene there is a letter 'dog missing' and the picture of it is Smile Dog.

Asura Shun

sarcasm how did people find out about the bowser accessory?

Yunmaicetu Saho Saho

Ur right don't care how u look as long as u have ppl with u that'd the thing and thx fir helping me cuz I've suddenly started quitting eating so I'll just eat now thank u for ur help

AEMolle 02

Is no one talking about how they ACTUALLY arranged an entire PARADE in just a week?!

Elliottroborocks Fletcher

You wrote Pansing 🤣

Dance Addict

My favourite gameshow overtime

Anthony John

That's not fair....that's not fair at all...

Can I get 1000 subs without a video?

ty is the golden state warriors of dude perfect