7 - Amberes | Puma Rosa | Diggy's Adventure

7 - Antwerp | Pink Puma | Diggy's Adventure

Ania Jesionka


Battlefield: I think a killed someone

gacha girl

I can feel it...a 5 year old raid incoming..


Honest to god I don't like commenting on YT but I have to say,

Prothek 3902B



Amy Montoya

Instead of 6:01

Steven Smith

Who heard the eminem diss?..he made a pun to lose yourself

lissy sally

Looper: Things You Might-Me: No, just don't.(damn. this trailer sent chills and confusion down my spine.)

Matheus Prado

2nd Channel Need To be named like Dude Not Perfect:fails

Ariannah Gonzalez

4:12 The rapist 😂

neri cohen

This looks so dry and lifeless

fanele yalo

Do it

a little Mochi with a Kookie and Tae

Me a few days after my period: looks inside the little box in the bathroom where you put pads and tampons after you're done using them 7:35

David Ramos

That shark almost ate that fish



Don’t like it?! Don’t date.