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hmm so what color is your skin black or white???? 1:23


The details would be interesting. How many golf balls where lost, how many attempts did each shot take, how long did it actually take to make this video.

alfred yap

cristiano ronaldo

Jo George

My goal in life is to be marbles

redstone gaming2143

Micheal: saying the ingredients

Rainbowsixplayer Yup

Do somthing with dak presscot

Derp HaveNoobs

5:56 wait the movie was only 5 minutes


That's not a basketball. That's the severed head of the last guy who tried to catch a ball from 500 feet

Julio Nunez

Uncle Drew is actually Kyrie Irving and his middle name is Andrew so thats his nickname (some people know but im sorry im being a smarty pants know it all)

Davi Chaves de Oliveira

Why don’t you go swimming in the water until you get to the nerf then shoot

Playing the "Psychopath" to a school bully.

Koriander Yander

Nothing wrong with being a gold digger lol Just dont get your emotions involved.

mbs 600

There only in the nhl there not that good

Hailea Jordan

If you get the marines out of the falcon with the pelican easter egg go back with the pelican and they will get in one will get on the gun

Stephanie Morales

Your doctor doesn't seem rude, he seems uncomfortable after he asked not to be recorded and still having the camera record him-.- I get this is your job, but you have to respect his wishes as well.

Elida Sandoval

Who is panda

FatMonkey 4

2:59 Probaly a Komada spirit

I HATE IT my friends...


this song reminds me so much of the songs in rags the nickelodeon movie with max schneider


Jecka Barbie Cncowner

I love his energy but only the people do it that sing 🤘that talent is a give of God


Sound doesn't exist in space

Christian Ramiso

Rest in Peace, oh dear TV.


Comus Borg


Cape Meares

I love how high quality his videos are

Brayden Morton2019

I saw Tavon austin

Strike The Valstrax

Bully: beats up


hey guru at the end of resident evil 7 Ethan says to redfield " what the f*ck took you so long". Could that by any chance be talking about metal gear solid. They use that in mgs 5 when Kojima says it to snake and kaz miller also says it. Without the word f*ck though lol

Agus Bun


Kaden Spell

Who in 2019

OpstheDog axd

Is overtime supposed to be for extra time that could be usef