5 Disney Movies Coming In 2019

Get ready for 2019, it is going to be a huge year for Disney movies and we've got 5 movies you are going to want to see! I literally cannot wait!!! Want to see all the movies Disney is working on? Watch this SOCIAL SITE

((And No I may SEEM American but I'm actually Irish. :3))

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Just me crying huh. I'm shaking dude this reminds me of dragon ball z sagas but updated and better I loved that game OMG please please please do it proper justice I only ever wanted the same story just done amazingly!

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Psychopaths don't have feelings, but Lex Luther strangles a guy out of jealousy and for the feeling of adrenaline. They don't have empathy, but they are able to read people's emotions very well, be it for the purpose of exploitation.

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guru not to annoy you or anything but you forgot to mention that you can use the banshee on  the pelican easter egg to turn the banshee into a phantom dropship.

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