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Epic Stormtrooper


Oguzcan Ergin

still alive ellen McLain the song at the end ^^

Meximax XD



That Hideo Kojima Part :D Holy thats why i love your Channel so much and also Good Easter Eggs <3 The Last One was Nice


lmfAO @8:11

Christian Dobis

Still the best video on youtube


Who is The panda?

The spirit wolf

Intro song: glory by the score

Gamer Zamer

Who’s watching in 2018


Has anyone seen the head less horse man in skyrim

Sayori Chr.

I had a friend that had a baby brother with heart problems, after about a week he didn’t make it. But they had another sister that came out nicely

Ana Nichols

The beginning of this stort sounds like my mom's. For my whole life she told me that she regretted coming to America because of all the conflict. But now that I hear of all the conflict going on there I don't want to move back, at school I was being made fun of from being from a 2nd-3rd world country. I understand this video. I love how the girl in this video didn't come into America to live off of other people, but she came and worked hard for years. I hope that she's and her children are doing well now.

Keila Moharem

Ellie is not my baby girl anymore I'm sad and excited and the same time. I feel like a proud mom. Anyways, great video as always Guru!

Rick Sommers

dude panda

FlamingPoison 1

my dad is a national croqette champion

Just An Ordinary Polar Bear

I sound like that little robot partner from portal 2.

Sonia Bhandari

Mr. Freeze

Khuthaza Nqodi



Dam how Dude perfect had a Uniform? i wish to have my own Dallas Stars Uniform.I played hockey and im pretty good whit it.


Discount Metal Gear Acid at 5:53 just left of Snake.

Indians Fan22

Indians for life!!!!!!

Double A Food Reveiw

When Babish says “I think we can do better” you know shits about to go down


100% of comments about Aaron0% about cp3Cp3 is so underrated

-the non-popular kid

I poor the milk before cereal haha

Chad Escobar


Ellie B-A

Post another March Madness Stereotypes video for this year


wow a space ship and a pterodactyl that game blows

jaron ackermann

Jjhhhhnhhh. Nn.N.M.

beastyboy07 russell

who is here in 2017?

Fabio Dwarika

I laugh a lot with the broken basket

Cole Kotarski

Do you stereotypes two

You can’t just not accept LGBT people or disagree with them.

Phoenix Racks

Why didn’t he get Guinnessfor that strike

Gaming With Sk

1:29 when your best friend cheats you



Dr!ppy Jim

During mental development how could influences or experiments be considered humane or healthy or lawful without compensation especially if they effect or impact your life in a negative way.

Deep Outer

My mom didn't have a big chance but she did have a child it was sick couldn't breath had to get many surgeries but the baby survived

Nina Klug

200mg Ibuprofen?

Vera Jade Skelton

I got a phone when I was 8

Thomas Layadi

i have a idea how about u do bottle throwing sim


So he's done being a Laker, right?

Adira Dzaki

Operation Chimera is BACK BOIS