'Extra' with Donald Trump over the Years - Our Rare Interview Moments - YouTube

Just in time for his inauguration on Friday, “Extra” is taking a trip down memory lane with President-elect Donald Trump.“Extra” has been following Trump for decades, capturing many moments on camera, including his time with the Miss Universe organization, and his family. Back in 2010, Trump hinted that he would go into politics, saying, "I am seriously considering running… our country is being ridiculed all over the world.”

baby Snuff

Just saw Jeffrey’s snapchat! i hope everything is okay i know how hard it is losing a family member 💔 My heart goes out to you TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED

Dylan Leddy

can you do another episode on the hunger games

Danielle Haynes

I have periods like her... But now I'm scared out of my mind... I've been on my period for. 21 days now....

Andrew B

Mr. No touchie all the way

amine mk

They usually charge extra money for an easter egg like the one in Firewatch.


what's with the gun on the hip? lol


I feel more sorry for the dogs tbh

Star Scraper

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This is the dad

Cj Morante

i now know why lebron gone 3-6, 'cause he always ignored our guy Guillermo, and now since talking to our guy the Raps is leading 3-1 lmao



Paris Duarte

if your heart ain’t exploding after seeing this, idk whether you even had one.. like literally anyone would totally spellbound by Jungkook’s out of this world charm 🙌🏻😍✨❤️


You look cool

Saynab Deria

when is it coming out the date?

Funny skits with Charlie and Steven

I realized what they were talking about when Chris said Dez thought it was a catch and then it was funny when Aaron said it wasn’t 😂

Calvin Klein...

Waleed the Master Maali

It’s your guys 10 year anniversary

Ben Vasilinda

I was in a helicopter crash when my helicopter hit the helicopter in front of us. We flew into a hot LZ(landing zone) and we got hit by small and medium ground fire and the first helicopter pulled up to avoid taking a direct hit and it flew into the helicopter I was in. We crashed killing the two soldiers on the ground signaling us in, my pilot was killed, our 1st Sargent and another passenger. Most everyone else was so bad they were chaptered out of the military and the rest of us were sent to new units for those of us that wanted to stay in afterwards. It was a pretty bad incident and tough to get over. I hope the best for the families involved and my heart goes out to the pilot.

evh var

Ok genius and all that but can we all take a moment to appreciate that millisecond of Freddie Mercury in the magazine, bc I saw it and I literally screamed

J Fresh

There is no such thing as healthy meat or animal products.

Tarmara Moore

The last one




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suziane totti aguilera

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ThePeople AndPerson

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Pablo Letona

Andres Francisco

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Puyi Vang


Big Belly

2:08 cart right next to him

Evan Gamer


Hog Rider: What did it cost?


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dipti bhuptani

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Ben playz

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Mason Wong

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Ana Castro

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Paris gacha

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Kawaii_ kiwi

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Mia Osborne

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James Lee

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