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Did you catch any of these hidden secrets in Disney's new live-action Aladdin movie? Subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos: with us, to a faraway place -- where we’ll take a peek under the magic carpet, take a secret tour through the cave of wonders, and discover all of the skeletons hidden in the Agrabah palace. That’s right, no rubbing lamps or wishes needed! We’re here to provide you with ALL of the things you missed in Disney’s live-action reboot of Aladdin. Hidden Mickeys? We got ‘em! References to Jurassic Park? You know it! Now let’s dive in and discover everything the movie had to offer.When comparing elements of the original 1992 animation to the live-action remake, there’s one thing missing you cannot help but notice. All of the bare skin! Sure, Will Smith shows off a ton of muscle-built blue skin in all of the Genie scenes, but there were a lot of other rules for the other actors. Take Jasmine for instance -- there’s no mid-drifts or belly exposure, and you can forget about seeing her infamous red Jafar seduction outfit in live-action. Hidden mickeys are a Disney tradition and it’s no different with their live-action movies either. In Aladdin, the sets are filled with all types of designs and details -- making the hidden Mickeys even harder to spot. But we were able to find one in the first viewing! Let’s face it. Robin Williams voice performance of the Genie was iconic. No one can step in his shoes. Just ask Dan Castellaneta when he took on the role for The Return of Jafar. So when we all heard Will Smith was taking on the role, we naturally got suspicious. Well, it turned out that Smith wasn’t trying to imitate Williams, but make the role all his own instead. Watch as we reveal all these moments and some surprising tidbits about the new Aladdin movie starring Will Smith and Naomi Scott.Our Social Media:Website

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There's an easter egg inside a church that references the lizards from Shadow of the Colossus

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