25 Most Over And Underpowered Characters In The MCU

Here are the MCU's most overwhelming and underwhelming characters in terms of power!Subscribe to our channel: Marvel Cinematic Universe is a wonderful place, full of colorful characters audiences have come to know and love over the past decade. Marvel Studios does an excellent job establishing their cinematic universe’s rules. For the most part, the stories are coherent and entertaining. But there’s one particular area that can be a bit baffling for MCU fans: the power levels of the characters.From film to film, the MCU can get a little confused about how powerful its characters are. In one film, a certain character might be super strong and invulnerable, taking out enemies left and right. In another film, that same character might be much weaker than expected. It all depends on what the film wants to get done. For instance, Captain Marvel couldn’t just show up in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and solve everyone’s problems. They had to make her a bit weaker in order for this to work. The same thing happened with Thanos. Despite not having any Infinity Stones at his disposal in ‘Endgame,’ he’s still able to hold his own against a whole slew of Avengers. Just how powerful is he?Some beloved characters are actually much weaker than their comic book counterparts. Gamora was trained by the Mad Titan himself and has a nearly indestructible skeleton. Drax was created specifically to take out Thanos, but he’s used as comedy fodder more than anything else. And on the flip side there’s Black Widow and Hawkeye, who are just a couple of average folks hanging out with superpowered gods. They’re still able to take out more powerful beings without much struggle.And there’s plenty more where that came from. Let’s dive right in, True Believers!Our Social Media:Website


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Normally I would watch these but I don't really want to spoil this game for myself.

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Edit: LerGoat deleted their comment saying that this crash happened 60 years ago. And they deleted another comment where they gave more information and apologized for being rude earlier.

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