23 Curiosidades de ROMA

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Wolfy Gaming


Flaming Torch 13

Blow up Balloons

Mya and Cezza

I love how it said one minute video and it's 9 minutes long

Bandit Escobar

Kyle i love youuu❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Jayy T

"Gotta See It"? No I don't 👎

James S

why do they over react to everything

Google Aids

Yo guru props on the background music it is on fleek!!!

Wolf The Don

Man how did you see the truck?? You are amazing

Twilight Star16

Ok im addicted with this vid


These were creepy but freakin Gman from half life was scariest something so weird about him omg!!

Out of all the freaking shows i would have expected to see, i'd have never imagined that MLP would do a reference to an 18+ shooter game, holy shit

Jununuju Jefflokokojij

Who s panda

Sayeeb Chowdhury

Bmx bicycle battle

Felicia Bye

Damn this shit gave me chills. Thank you for this one!

Taylor provan

I feel so sorry about what happind to u and ur family


For me sub is better

umesh katarya


Gacha Noodle

The word "No" made me a billionaire.

Gamers FE

بنزل الايتم شوب يوميا . تسريبات .اخبار .تحديات


I miss 3D Rayman

Bunnicula Vampire Bunny

When I saw the thumbnail, I was legit scared that she had a tapeworm coming out of her nose, you know that kind of “diet” because the diet pills of old that they were scammed into buying had many small worms in them and “worked” because the worms ate up everything the “dieter” ate who had no idea why they were losing weight, that is, until tapeworms, large ones by then, began exiting the body where they could. Cringe!

Cecilia Mistdew

It's odd not seeing Garret in purple. Like if you agree. <3


My mom being an alcoholic these same events happened to me at one point she was homeless because my parents are separated and I only get to see her one time a month which isn’t the worst, I know other people go through worse. My mom once was drinking and taking pills and she shoplifted and I was right in front of her of course I knew so I asked her and the police heard the sirens and she was arrested and child services took me to my dad I was in Sweden and my dad was in Los Angeles he almost lost me. If anyone else is going through this stay happy and remember it could be worse

Paul Wilson

Snow sprayer

Upė Mil

My mom delivered my sister at 2am,but her contractions started at 9pm

(Too much hate will lead to me deleting the comment since I’m really not good with hate..)


Nice game guys 👍

Logan Diamond


Crislyn Whitaker

sub to my channel


Man I missed this

Tea Nauha

Watching the rage monster makes me feel bad, the money they spend😂

jessie Hendricks

Nice singing Ty!

Lee Sunbee

After I watched this, I felt like I have to change myself. Of course, i want to good at math. I try to do more exercises and I spend so much time to sitting down. One day, I felt bad and I went to hospital then the nurse told me that I had the sign of hemorrhoid and I was so sad. That bcuz I want to inspire my friends that I can good in math and I’ll get the top score of math. Absolutely, I succeeded my goal but I have hemorrhages.

Mr. 4rmyy

That back to the future kid lmao


snape is so dramatic wow