प्रेरणा कथा 1754: जुलाई की वो रात 1754: July Ki Wo Raat

मैं ग्लानि से भरा ट्रेन में बैठा चला जा रहा था. वर्षों बीत गए हैं इस घटना को पर मैं ये जनता हूँ के गरिआ में कहीं मेरी एक संतान पल रही है......कभी कभी मुझे अपने मनुष्य होने से भी घृणा हो जाती है.....मैंने जुलाई की उस रात का परिणाम उस औरत की गोदी में देख लिया था जिसका मैं नाम भी नहीं जानता था.


gods blessed you guys.

NeoSpawn 10

Good Guru

Landon Larsen

Panda on that jet ski tho

Glacion Xx

That so sweet

eriksson tan

1.rdr 2.bully 3.gta iv 4.max payne 3 5.gta v

is very provacative

Horsedick MP

No more hiding khabitch time to face El Cucuy!! 😂

Tae And kookies

I don't understand why are people hating on the girl I mean she didn't do anything wrong it was just an accident when she spilt the wine on his suit he also has an attitude and he is very arrogant too but I like him for some reason

Cat Comeau

PLZ READ Guru can you plz get a hacker or a modder for battlefield 4 but only in custom games and fly to the dinosaur easteregg and also can you plz do more research on if any of the battlefield 4 maps are based on the whole place in the movie jurassic park?

Sherri Osborne

awesome u need to be a qb

Legend d

You guys need a roller coaster

bye now :D

Kristin: "Well I saw Space"

Chris Robinson

Amazing very inspiring and motivational speech fantastic

Kyle Li


ZorB yu

I’m eating pudding


Nice video!

kauli Allen


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Ill make ty laugh...

Huck Thompson08

Go panda

سيوفي العراقي

العربي لايك

Me: sorry I don't work for charity events

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is that a gun?

When The Music's Over

10. Love the music. :D

Maria Nunez

Tiler is the best

Morton Malkie

Whats the song name?

Kamya and Jaida

4:10 sooo... am i the only one who noticed it said “ PEPPER Pig” instead of “peppa pig”

I mug

I think it's normal to think things that are not real and be a little paranoid by this, but it's only ok as long as you know that it's not real.