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FYI pulmonary valve stenosis is a problem with your heart where it's a condition in which a deformity

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There's a few terminator references in My Brides A Mermaid 😂


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Mi gente aquí les dejó mi último temita "Bailame Vilolento " esperó que les guste 🌴🐆🔥

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Cray cray supreme


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This must of been so painful for you, all I can hope is that you know you are loved.

King Man

I am an 34 year old healthy African American man. I do not fear death or life. When my time comes I'm ready. Only thing I fear is losing people I love. Wondering could I handle their death. But me I'm not afraid of death or life. I know God is real. Even though I am not a Christian Muslim Jew I do not believe in any religion. But I do believe in God and I do believe in you will never die. You just become something else with the saying family members you've been around your whole life. But just in another form. Same family members from mother father sister Brothers and excetera. We all just become something else over and over and over. If this world exist why can't nothing exists after so-called death. Live love life and death never fear just live until your time come and be ready it's a part of life it's okay.

Артём Шомесов


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Youshould do ametaldetectingbattle2


Miriam Tapia

I would like to play with you guys

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the girl in the thumbnail looks like a fortnite defaulty boi


that mio could have gone to kids in Africa....

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Keep it on coby.

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P O K I C H U x3

ya got a new subscriber! I love this kinds of videos that makes me feel better about myself! You're amazing!


why the low quality

Start gaming

Các bạn biết mình là ai ko

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why dont u visit saudi arabia in jeddah

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im afraid id disagree with the popular melee weapon but thats a personal opinion though u get it through story line so its not really needed

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Still waiting for own a cat

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I hate rage monster

That’s so average I can’t be surprised, disappointed or somewhat glad

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2:30 foi uma montagem feia


i’ve seen so many videos on anorexia and still i’m determined to get skinny

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Wen I met a. Boy. He was a boiler.

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where is the trust shot

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Jól hallottam hogy 13:56-nál magyarul azt üvöltötte valaki hogy segítség? :D


Where's Garr?

Me: hey cutie

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The reason none of the DP guys could catch the tennis balls is because they didn't have gloves

You don't have to though

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The 4 song was SAY MY NAME

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I don’t know any of these people

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Amazing as always Guru☺

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Rip diamond she’s in a better place 😔

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Wait didn't the dad sexualy abuse her?, Why is he supporting her now... IM SO CONFUSED