12 Strangest Things Found in the Middle of Nowhere - YouTube

The most unexpected things always seem to be in the absolute middle of nowhere. Maybe that’s part of what makes it all so weird. Humans have left their mark in isolated places, assuming that no one may ever see it again. Until now. From large Metal Balls, giant hands , waterfalls where you might least expect it, here are strange things found in the middle of nowhere.

_jeff _

this used to happen daily in vietnam

Chris Crossman

Let's see him catch those without those gloves on, then I'll be impressed

gohan son

I also want to slap the guy after 30 seconds

Matthew Cioffi

This is a horrible idea! Walls don't work, remember?




Where the dress easter egg was, I saw the 3 dresses (the 2 ingame ones and the image) bkue and black what the fuck

Aaron Asiedu-Mensah

She is so dense

Leilani Chin

What is the punishment

southern cowboy

come on ty that's easy

Skyler Stamm

Who else realized that mike Moustakas Was called and is now on the brewers go team!

Margaret Nulman

does anyone know the name of the song they play when ned takes off his jacket? its pretty sweet

@_@ >(fail?)

Shawn Tanner

what about the dog version of the mac and cheese?

That Channel That Exists :\

At the beginning he says “Welcome to the FIRST ever Plastic golf battle”. For something to be considered “first” than there has to be more than 1. We are due for another. Don’t worry boy’s.......We have the grammar gods on our side


Team Coby all the way !!!!

Cody Lindsey

That's at a camp called sky ranch in east Texas. I be been there and they mentioned dude perfect

What should I do...

Ninja Teags

Do Editing stereotypes

Vintage • Lilly


Kosti Laaksonen

Tall man or trash man? Who spot Tyler?


Eifell Tower


How is GTA 4 more realistic than GTA 5? By what meaning? Dont even bring up driving, real life driving is nothing like GTA 5's or GTA 4's.

Yahnissi Figueroa


Terri Smartz

B ,