10 Post-Credits Movie Scenes That Changed Everything

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Alexis Sandoval

Guru keep doing what you are doing I love easter eggs and a lot of references of this stuff. The people who hate you are just stupid you are the boss. Don't stop making these kind of vids. :D

Gael Guzmanmares

Wow is the fukin mosmli

Cow_squad Cow

How is he still alive

Anita Kumari

Give garret his chance


sO f1Re BrOs..... No CaP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D & T

just an average garbage day 0:01 0:58my opinion about ranking1st place: 1:482nd place: 2:333rd place: 3:07

Lukas Wolff

He looks a Little bit like John cena

Avoid: Caffeine and Sugar!

Kakashi Hatake

My life is over Fortnite servers are down


29:30 That not World at war, its remastered

Adam wilson

Still waiting for part 2

Humor: 40%

Jeremie zeitoun

2:48 Michael Jordan

ASK Institute of Hotel Management & Culinary Arts

song name?

Mark Jones

Funwithgutu plz make top 10 easter eggs in fnaf plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Luinor Bay blade

At ricks house Rick: want an appleMe: sureRick: throws card Me: 💳🍎👱🏼‍♂️Me: Rick!!!

Zoey Olson

I am a rainbow baby... so my mom told me all about the pain she went through when her twin boys died. I know that right now I ha e no Idea how much pain she went through, but i. Praying and hoping that soon, she with have a healthy baby in her arms.

Aidan and stuff

1:26 Angel Hernandez when he got the job as an MLB umpire for some reason.Angel Hernandez sucks

Bryce Seymour

That dancing tho


I just noticed that ty could never be picked at wheel unfortunate because he is golden boy

Almat Sailaukhan

actually, the guy's a bit of a manchild and she was getting tired of being his mom and she decided to give the relationship one more month, so he decided to propose to fix their relationship lol. she's not into games but sat through them with him because she loved him. after their break up, it was hard and she got close with his half brother, just close friends. she had to delete all social media because people kept harassing her


Melting Stream

I kinda dont get the last one :3

then i took that girls joke to the ear

Glad you like this Remake and had fun reliving it's new form..


They should do a prank with man city and them doing tiki take and dress up like de Bruyne and Bernardo Silva it would be funny to see pep yell at them

Angel Black

This dumb ass story just all over the place😤😭doesnt make sense at all


damn big homie big respect...almost got a gangster cryin💯


guru, i love your content, ive been a fan of yours since the mirrors edge videos :"l you remember? giant rat?, hearing you say you may be not being around this year, doesn't feel so good mr guru :"(

X - Man1418

I’m here before 1mil views

The Luke Show

Do football Stereotypes

Divar Perez

Loving you was fun I like it like that like you guys are the best and I like always do with you guys you know it's going to be funny a little cuz tie and Gary you guys were funny with that all that uniform


I am very thankful that they make eye contact while they cheers!!! Most people don't do that haha. #cheersgoals

It was brilliant

Toy Studios

1 like 1 person how likes panda

NHL Bros

Why cant garret throw

Friedrich Nietzsche

This video is more talking about a republic than a democracy.

Gacha Demon

Indian? Why is your mom wearing a sari

By the way, that damned snowmobile level was really fun

Mikey Rangel

Did they have Garett in those videos?

SURPRISE HONEY IM CHEATING ON YOU WITH MY EX!!! * insert one of those party noise maker things that you blow into *

As you probably expected

Magical Melody


ginher ailen Mejía Ortiz

Like por el conejto malo🐰😍

Vicksura Perera

superb !!!!!!!!


It’s funny how duke didn’t make it again XD

CrimZon Edge

last time I was this early... Donald Trump 2016 was a joke

Can Hergeleci