10 Most EVIL Kids Who Ever Lived

10 youngest children who were found guilty of horrible offenses. Subscribe for more amazing videos! ► ◄ When we think of children, we tend to think of innocence and childlike wonder. There is nothing that a child can do to make their parents stop loving them. Most parents will just shake their heads and say, “Kids will be kids,” whenever their children misbehave or throw a tantrum. Even if a child has behavioral issues, we would never think that the child was evil. In order for a kid to earn that title, they’d have to do something absolutely abhorrent to someone else. And by that, we mean that they'd have to do the types of things that land adults in trouble. Because kids are still developing, it can be quite scary if a child decides to inflict pain upon another person and not feel bad about it. What's even worse is when they see no issue with what they've done—even after they've been told that it was wrong. Check out these other awesome videos!10 REAL Kids Who Are One in A MillionBiggest Sea Creatures CaughtSocial Media:Facebook: For more videos and articles visit:copyright matters please contact us at:

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