10 More Underrated Horror Movies You Need To Watch

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Hashirama Senju

Am I the only one who thought he yeeted that turtle at 5:39

And many more he is a complete jerk to me and my friends

Nikita K

dude perfect rock's

Amberley Boggs

Human controller

Duncanjd Plays

I can see them with tattoos

sandra bergqvist

Wendy won

Ariff23 Norhaqqim

Any Mid Of 2019?

Black Cement3

Why u draw her like a rat

Cresh Berndicert

This video title is misleading... Should be called "Sequel to the greatest game of this generation now in development"

SkyeZ Graphics & Media

Lo lo

Owen White

2:24 wtf is he doing

Kapish Gaming


Nevaeh Hamilton

So..... she died?

Leslie Armentrout

My name is coby

brandon morris

Put a can on the hoop

Samuel Bjerke



Avengers 4 should be directed by James Mangold

Mr Clymore

I hate you


Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott hey Mike Evans

Duck Soup


Elite Dude

Wow nascar drivers are playing basket ball with the dude perfect ppl? Woooooooooow!!!!!!!!!


You should of done xxxtentacion as the Rapper names

panda games




Anna Mazurkiewicz

Have you seen the movie power rangers


In bed.

129 Jayster

@corycotton I just have a question; where did you get the mascot costumes?


Mexico didn’t go to war with Vietnam. If he joined the us army, that war was in 1950, so why doesn’t the animation say she”s like 60

Tian Meyer

Nameof dude perfect shop

Lenny Wilson

You guys should do a youtube stars stereotypes lol

PuffyFries 1

I olmost scrolled all the way to the bottom comment then a add came up and put me back on the topOne like equals 1 support for me


nope just chuck testa

you see men are only valued for resources , we dont have sexual appeal or intellectual value to females , its some thing hard wired in to them for thousands of years , so why would a woman give away her freedom and money to be '' honest '' ? she wont , she has no incentive to , your video is cute but its also bullshit , the man saw what she was doing and sense he provides he controls , rightfully so , he is no demon , just a human turned in to a wallet , please dont make it seem like she a victim , you already explained how his mother never showed him affection , he only did what his father did to his cold mother , buy her with gifts , he reacted the same way and you even pointed out that he was 17 men at that age dont have anything usually , just a heart and a dream , all the young girls will be attracted to other more seasoned men who have resources and experience , while the 17 years old have to grind to earn respect and resources , so at that stage when they wanna pick a girl they pick some one who values them because they know how hard it is to get there , but for this unfortunate boy he didnt get the chance and he met this opportunistic leach who is good at pleasing victim and justifying her greed , if he is spending money on her to be a princess MIGHT AS WELL look like a princess and act like HIS princess , rightfully so , that was the deal and she agreed to it but under preformed because she wasn't objectively attractive , gooooood luck twisting that around to serve your story



Feel so sorry for her, this reminded me of aloy pang and jiaqi's story :((( but i kinda excepted that from the title, wasn't tricked xdd

Me: * Sends pic of jimin shirtless* A vigina is embarrising

Ryan Brenner

Ravens all the way

That was...something

Παοκ forever

I'm fat too and i feel the same as you

STC 123

I hate having anxiety. It controls my whole life

Slytherin Girl

Wwwaaaait so this whole thing was a dream

No wonder shes autistic.

Light Blue Yoshi 99

Whoa when I started watching you guys you were at 2 m subs

The Nieves

dp you guys have to stop trying to kick feild goals with bouts on

If you see a stranger in distress, get their phone number and tell them to live with you

Mistyczna Nessy


Marygrace Aco

RIP Chair 2013 - 2019You will be missed

Alex Hernandez

6382737th :D

Deepak Narang

I guess people just dislike for no reason.