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Love it

Gio Savala

U should do messi or ranaldo




I didn’t know SkyDoesMinecraft was a role model

Yeah, I started thinkin' maybe I should move out

Raymond Hooper



Nick's Visuals

Hay U gusy r sick(:! but u should make the DUDEPERFECT game Free! Please.

mastruz 7


Shaylah Gorrie

You should do some more Nolan Dolan videos


“The older end of the millennial generation discovering novelty, fad items from 6 years ago.” Fixed the title.

и Z

We already went to psychologist and all but my mom still believes that I'm possessed, not depressed.. What now?


germann beast111

do more soccer and baseball videos please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with a cherry on top

Legendary Alpha Wolf

Forgot about the walking dead Easter eggs in this game.

Twenty one crybabies panicing at the door

This is definitely about finding thier parents.

Robin Olivia


Sarah Pierce

Hey guys I found a cool channel that does trickshots and there called backyard bros. And they have 25 subscribers

Michael Simpson

now thats just showing off (3:45)

Fortnite Is gay and Shanae is trash at it

2019 April now


What is the super bowl 🏟?

Siti Jumat

the shot that took the longest was when coby was trying to put the paper in the shredder

Terminator Maurer

Dogs woofCat meow Dude prefict yeahhhh

Alexandra Potemkin

if you have depression you're not healty :)

Seven Zero

Gurukid's groceries 7:52

Valerie Golden

All you punks want to do is build people up, then kick them down. Bunch of fake losers. None of you are playing for the NBA, just talking smack.


I love how everyone points out the voice actors when he points it out in the video

Honker Tonks

Yogscast sound clip at the end?

Shahinshah Ahmed

Shut up frankinhd


I had OCD when i was 7-8.

Pikachu YT


lettie reardon

Do more videos

Sanjay Verma


James Bond

2:24 isnt dude perfect. It is dude normal

mason mason the fortnite hacker

You can tell before they race the trophy that Gary was already eating the chips


when ur bro works at deer valley :|

We broke up in good terms not long ago, we thought we had no future because of family issues (as in my parents won't accept him, and I really despise his family)

yamdha Waheeda


Iris Meow

Watched this for the second time thinking "I certainly won't cry the second time, I already know what happens."

soy gordo T

Eat well and exercise... There, you now can lose weight

I just wanted to say a few things. God doesn't automatically loose meaning because of several tragic events. He tells us over and over again that He isn't promising us a life of enjoyment and luxury. We are here on earth to go through tribulations and suffering.

real jonny coolguy


Oh wait.....

Daket Doux

Girl in video: "he was tall and Handsome"

Hry s Matúšom


Emily Martin

yet again, poor gray got the short end of the stick hahaha