10 Minutes With Byun Baekhyun - YouTube

bradley forster

In Borderlands 2 minecraft easter egg there is a legendary gun called the Longbow it shoots minecraft arrows and is always fire.

Bryan Michael

shit this is why I don't date at all oh well

Alison Kwok

Why does everybody hate the girl? She accidentally spilled something on a guest and just tried to help! Then she got fired and her boyfriend broke up with her also she woke up in a stranger’s house who treated her horribly

Tenshi Dreemurr

"Cheating Is Not Right, God Said To Us Not To Cheat, That's Why Some Countries Banned Divorce, Thus, Cheating Makes A Sin, We Are Supposed To Love One Each Other Until The End, That's Why There's A Word, Death Do Us Part"

Augustas Degulis

Ty looks like uncle drew

Laura Murtough

Ohio pile in Ohio and Pennsylvania

troo moo

cody wearing progect zorgo gloves blindfolded


Nice Video like every Time!

Rayna Falch

Holy crap this poor lady. One like = one prayer for her

LFM King Pjay music

these guy are fun lol. would join in on this fun

the viper Luna Orton


Pro DL

I like

Jeeo Meter

Jose is so hot....😘

Kishan meitei

Wow really.....omg

jamshi jamal

Is Jack still yellow in colour

Vid Laugh

very tallented on coordination adress this girl .... i liked her

Discarded Chicken Strip

2018 anyone

you went to her funeral on halloween?

youre welcome


Hey if you ever do a music references video in Fallout New Vegas there's a couple that makes chems and their names are Jack and Diane. (Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp)

Xxmissmilkahake Playz

"single life"😔

adam rees

Babish. You forgot the dog.


every western girl should watch this.

Layne Sexton

You played in lost

I don't know if it was a reference but I noticed it.

Mary Jane

No one:

Mohamoud Gaileh

Soooooo sad for a nightmare 😭😭😭😭

Armanii With The Curls

she reminds me of star from the fox show star

Tyler Devine-Scott

vuelie reprise,, I'm here for it

terri briscoe


Mlg Doge m8

I'm mad at the bullies but I'm more mad at her because she didn't tell anyone also the show is called shera

John Jones

And simultaneously a Guinness World Record for the most obnoxious douche bags doing douche things to a douche soundtrack. So that’s good 😏

Chris Alvarado

Faze stop being nice!

And when you Unicode it, it will say "Nico, do you want to go bowling?" Which is a reference to Roman from GTA IV, who is constantly calling the player asking them if they want to go bowling

PuBg gUYs

it is deforestation

Maya Apedjinou

Can we appreciate how good of a artist the person drawing this is and the voice actress is amazing too!

Aaron Xd

Yeahh!! Awesome!! This is great to have a continuos builder hall !! Thanks!!

menite okoye-john

Her : i fell in love when i was three.

GamePlush Hinerman

Why am I so paranoid when a new video of yours comes out? I love your videos b u t y o u a l s o m o v e d t o c a l i f o r n i a.