10 Gevaarlijkste Oceaan Monsters!

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I starve myself from my depression... I don't have anyone to talk to, I'm scared to live, I'm scared to trust, I'm scared. My depression is controlling me, I haven't been drinking water or anything... depression can be dangerous.... so I try so hard to keep away from it- but I always end up hiding all six of my depressions. I lucky to have this guy I like, he keeps me alive... he forces me to eat- drink and even sleep... Depression is a BIG risk. Depression is also caused by a lot, and REALLY gets caused easily if your emotional or sensitive. I have depression from being allergic to something {Perfume} people aren't or love, I have depression from my ex, from my best friend dying... so much has happened to me, it's crazy... but I like hiding my sadness and fake a smile everywhere I go.

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That is so sad I have tears in my eyes that im trying to hold back

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How come I can not see the video? Nothing shows up but the sound

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Well there goes kd

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Am I the only one that cried like if you did

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I have experienced about 6 of those symptoms but I know no one will believe me so I talk to my friends about it and feel better

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4:00 10 sec4:12Cody says hes he's bird watching4:24Rage monster

Night rider

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protect my ppl