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Disney isn't always just for kids. Sometime adults find things in movies that kinds wouldn't understand! Here are 10 Disney Jokes That Got Funnier As Adults!Subscribe to our channel: Out These Other Amazing Videos: 10 Actors Who Got RIPPED For Superhero Roles (And How) Disney Easter Eggs Hidden In Deleted Scenesa tale as old as time. A mother and father will take their smiling happy pair of children to the movies. They find the latest release from Walt Disney and sit down to enjoy a fun, family friendly two hours. The kids will smile and laugh and so will their parents… but what is it about Finding Dory that makes parents laugh out loud? Well Disney knows that children are dragging their parents kicking and screaming to see these movies, and adults always know how to make other adults laugh. That’s why Disney has always included sneaky, hidden adult jokes in movies for those parents to get a snicker out of. The children may laugh too, only for completely different reasons. Movies like Aladdin, Tangled and even Frozen have had rude jokes that are mischievously placed in them. Sometimes they’re not even rude jokes at all, just jokes that kids are too young to appreciate like The Rock’s character in Moana.Today at Screen Rant we’re going to be looking back and remembering those sneaky adult references like Chris Pratt’s immensely risqué Jackson Pollock joke in Guardians of the Galaxy and Johnny Depp’s taking off of Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean. Make sure to watch us and if you like our content subscribe to ScreenRant for more!Script by:Andrew BryanVoice Over by: Joseph DelaneyEdited by: Martin BaenaFeaturing: Moana | 0:41Aladdin | 1:59Cars | 3:04Muppet Treasure Island | 4:09Starship Troopers | 5:24Hercules | 7:04Guardians of the Galaxy | 8:12Pirates of the Caribbean | 9:16Frozen | 10:28Tangled | 11:41Our Social Media: ScreenRant Our Website

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