10 Dark Theories About The Incredibles That Will Ruin Your Childhood

There are some parts of this Pixar classic that are just too dark for kids! ! Subscribe to our channel: nearly 15 years, The Incredibles remains one of Pixar’s greatest movies. It was a great take on the superhero genre and is beloved by fans who grew up watching it. As the world gears up for The Incredibles 2, it’s a great time to look back on some of the dark and crazy theories which have developed from the original movie.When Mr. Incredible seeks a new suit design, Edna makes one thing clear – no capes. This is because of a terrible backstory which gets even worse when breaking things down. Jack-Jack showcases a lot of random powers in The Incredibles, but this may be for a very specific reason. Dash is one of the Parr children in the first Incredibles, but he may very-well be the main villain in the sequel as he goes up against his parents. Violet is the quiet and strange one in the family, but she may have been adopted all along. If you’re wondering how the heroes got their powers, you can look back on a theory that the government gave them to the characters in the first place. There are some elements in The Incredibles that can directly connect to Toy Story and how the toys are brought to life. The Incredibles 2 is set to release 15 years after the original, creating a unique timeline that ties in with the original story. The Incredibles may not have been the debut of Violet. Some theories point to the character of Boo actually being a younger version of Violet. Syndrome may have not been a villain after all as he was doing great work for the government. It was a cape that ultimately caused the death of Syndrome, but this may be something Edna planned all along!Our Social Media:Website

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